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In beginning a discussion on WAHM information, the first question many people are probably pondering is “What is a WAHM?” Well, it is actually an acronym for “Work-At-Home Mom” (or Mother). A WAHM has chosen to not only be a SAHM (Stay-At-Home Mom), but a mom who has decided to work from home too.

Naturally, the Who in our conversation is a mother. She may be married, single, with one child or several. She could be the mother of a newborn or an experienced mom of older children. Whoever she is she has come to the decision that work from home is an improvement to working outside the home.

The When may occur sometime after a woman finds out she will be a mother. Perhaps, it is because she believes that it is to her and her child’s advantage to seek a better solution to the daycare situation and the normally rigid employment requirements associated with a J-O-B. Not so long ago, it was much harder for women to make a living at home because there were not many prospects. However, because of the advances in technology in general and the Internet specifically, opportunities to work at home currently abound.

Now the Why is due to various factors that are important to each particular mother. It may be costs of daycare and traveling, convenience, work hour flexibility, a sense of motherly duty to care for her children or even just the desire to care for them because she loves them and knows it is best for them. Also, she may have the talent and passion in a certain area and wishes to start her own business. Thus work from home is a great way for her to begin.

Now how about the Where? I hear you smugly answer, “Obviously, it is at the Mom’s home.” However, the answer must be much more specific than that. For Instance, where exactly in the house will she locate her business area? Will she need only to incorporate a small desk in a room or will she require a professional office to meet clients? Wherever the home office is located, she must make sure not to blur the line between home and business. Far too often, a work at home mom will permit toys and children to creep slowly into her workspace that inevitably will disrupt her work. While the whole idea was to be with her children, she must maintain a quiet place that is all her own to be able to concentrate when she has to on her tasks.

The How has countless possibilities. There are so many businesses that can be run out of a home whether selling a product or performing a service. There are the obvious ones like running eBay auctions, direct selling like home parties and websites selling products that are fulfilled by drop shippers, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Many people assume that a work at home MOM is always self-employed, but that is not necessarily true. Some women prefer the stability or security that working for someone else gives them. They may not wish to develop a business of their own or tackle the responsibility and headaches that being a self-employed person must handle daily. So instead, she may opt to apply for a telecommuting position with a company. Whether someone else employs her or she is the business owner, it is imperative that she always portrays a professional image to her boss or clients. Otherwise, her employer may feel she is slacking off and her clients may not feel she is serious about her business.

With any luck, this overview of work from home information has inspired a few potential work at home MOMs to consider taking the plunge into the rewarding experience of caring for their children while at the same time meeting the needs of providing an income. Possibly instead of jumping right in, the cautious work at home MOMs may try working at home part time until she is sure that it is the solution for her situation.

So all the MOMs out there, if you wish to work from home so that you could take care of your children and at the same time earn a decent income, visit my website to learn more how you could work at home to make money online.

Work at Home

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