New Home Or Resale – Here Are 5 Things to Consider

Whether buying new or resale homes, choices abound in today’s home buying market. Buying a newly constructed home may be top of mind as many factors come into play. One reason buyers go the new home route is that they are given plenty of choices and options in the level of customization. These options may range from being able to choose color schemes, upgrades like trim moldings, kitchens finishing’s, selection of flooring options throughout the home, home automation and more.Among other factors that buyers should think about when purchasing a new home vs. a resale home are:

Buyers input:

Buyers have plenty of choices in features and amenities. They can have their builder add their personal touches that satisfy their personality, personal tastes and needs. Being able to choose home’s fixtures, carpet type and colors, wall covering designs, countertop finishing’s among other things, gives greater flexibility and control for a home buyer who is looking to build their home, their way.

No home repair cost:

This is a significant factor when buying new. Repairs on a new home are kept at a minimum. And even if repairs are needed, today’s builders include warranties for certain period of time. Most builders cover home repairs for the first year you live in the new place. In addition, many builders offer complete warranties covering both inside and outside the house. Resale homes in other hand, can offer warranties, but often are limited in the items it covers. Many times these warranties need to be purchased separately by the buyer. In the case of new homes, the extended warranties provided by new home builders can give the buyer peace of mind when it comes to potential repairs and maintenance.

Home automation:

This feature also makes buying a new home that much more appealing. In the case of a resale home, implementing today’s new technologies may be cumbersome and not necessarily cost effective. Since more and more builders are integrating new technologies on new home designs, the costs savings can be dramatic. Technologies such as wireless internet access, intercom systems, and surround sound are just some of the aspects of new technologies that can be expected in the today’s new home designs.

Home construction considerations:

Materials found in older homes can be hazardous to your health. From lead-based paint to asbestos insulation, the materials found in resale houses can be costly replace, many times impossible to replace. New homes are subject to more stringent building codes and safety requirements than what older homes have. In addition, materials used in new construction, asbestos and lead have been eliminated. This in turn benefits the new homebuyers and their families from hazardous materials or unsafe environments. Then there is less risk of fire in today’s new home construction. Wiring systems have improved as well. In addition, most of today’s new homes have hard-wired smoke detectors with battery-powered backup.

Energy efficiency:

As home buyers become more conscious of the environment, having a house that is energy efficient, has become an important factor when buying new. The appliances available today are far more energy efficient than they were 10 years ago. Energy efficient solutions found in today new homes can help greatly reduce overall energy cost. This in turn helps to save in utility bills. Improved heating and cooling systems and better insulation techniques in new constructions offer greater efficiency than those found in older houses. This can in turn offset the cost of a new home.

New home buyers after having considered all the hidden costs o

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